Bring back our good old stuff: Poskart

I bet you don't wanna miss those extra-ordinary postcard works from 83 artist. Thank you ruangrupa for giving me chance to participate on this exhibition :)
“Kartu pos: kertas selembar yang bikin berdebar-debar, dan enak buat digambar-gambar”
(Ika Vantiani, curator)

9-15 July 2010
at RURU Galery
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya 6

Here are some snaps from the exhibition 
Make-your-own-postcard corner

 The display

 Me and my works. Geez, too short to stand infront of 'em

 The closer look

Rifat made it for me. Boo you, curang! 

Two young artist are making their own postcards

Alumni Workshop Penulisan Seni Rupa 

 Abigail and her braille postcard

Hopefully, this exhibition can inspired those young and creative hands out there to start making and sharing their own postcards


Yuni Winingsih said...

ho ho, your life is so artsy-unique, so fun to hear your life story and nearly all the postkart is nice.
well actually we couldn't blame the technology for all the reason why people don't use postcard anymore hehehe :D

it's just that postkart is not our tradition brok.. just like we see, japanese is what so called technology-gadget-freak-minded-whatsoever but they kept using postkart when celebrating new year, christmas and other important day *sotoy*

Tiavita Herdiana said...

Aww thank you dear. well technology cant be blame, because it keeps growing. mungkin karena tabiat orang kita yang gampang ngelupain hal2 tradisi kali ya. btw, 99% jealous to the japanese who still hold their tradition yet being so terdepan in technology

dongengdenis said...

reminds me of nad's etsy postcard projects.

fiEkHa said...

always interest in postcards.. but it's hard to find 'new' look of Indonesian postcards.. masih aja sama itu yang pake poto2 tempat2 yg gw gktau deh masih update atau tidak aduh sayang sekali pdahal beauties of this country masih banyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk banget yang belum di-capture