found object: stuff from the 90s

My childhood is the best moment of my life. I dare to say that everybody will agree with me. There are no such problems like: jobs, school, money, love, social status, prestige, etc. What we can only think is playing, eating ice cream, reading books, and all the sweet-good-things.

Some stuff here is quite representing my childhood. If you have something in common with this stuff, feel free to reminiscing

Would you like to have a cup of tea with me? A very old old teapot that maybe can be found in Jl. Surabaya

2nd place of Lomba Menggambar and the 3rd juara harapan of Lomba Menari. Dance?! I can’t event dance in my whole life. So why did I win this kind of trophy

These are my dad’s treasures: The series of WW II. He read many books in his lifetime, though most of them were economic/financial books. So it’s very thrilling to have a set of great books like this

One of my favorite things back at the time, a rooster alarm clock!

iPod, I am your father. You know you grew up in the 90s if you have this stuff

Got this one from McD’s Happy Meal.

The first and the last console game. Well, I got no Sega or Nintendo in the earlier years, so I had to come to my neighbor’s house if I want to play it.

Got this one from CFC kid’s meal (if I’m not mistaken)

My brother’s stuff. Wonder what he did with this pair of boxing gloves.

THIS IS WHAT EVERY CHILDERN SHOULD HAVE! The best encyclopedia for kids! I’m reading it again and again, until now and then

Before the massive technology of Ds-fucken-LR, practical thingy that nowadays’ kids is praising to.

Do you still keep your philately collection? I miss collecting stamp. Since mail service is getting rare and rare this time, stamps should be considered as classic stuff.

Whose got the power?

Before mp3 era, when you still bought cassettes and CDs. But I preferred cassette because it’s waaaay cheaper than CD, lol.

It can’t be denied; everybody got this on their bookshelves

I’m still using it anyway. No remote control (damaged by itself)


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Rachmadhina Insan Widyapianissa said...

Masi prefer sama kaset sampe sekarang haha

Fida Muthia said...

stumble upon your blog.
yes! i do still have my philately collection, got 3 albums of it, haha.

eLFiRa aRisanti said...

cool :) jadi ingat jaman dulu

Felkiza Vinanda said...

yeaa buku pintar! hehe cool post!

dongengdenis said...

boleh lah dioper" tu klo buku ekonomi ama financenya ga dipake. hahaha

Anonymous said...

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Woosh said...

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Stubby Coolers said...

It's a great Festival, and you are fully deserved of being there with you're ambitious and talented. And..anyhow, I hope we'll have more CONS in Orlando...It's fun!

Jhon Ortega said...

I have the rooster clock, but is damaged, it would make me very happy if your sharing pictures of me as connecting cables inside. my mail jhont.93 @ hotamil.com. I am from Colombia, sorry if anything is misspelled. I hope you can help me fix

Jhon Ortega said...
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