Twenty is just a number, don't take it too seriously

The presents. Rifat came to my house around 8ish, but I still can't open the present. So I had to wait for like 4 hour, until 12 am -_-

What on earth do you think you're doing? You weren't supposed to sleep!

The face of the 20 year old kid

Terharu~ cried while I was reading the card

My new friend! We named him Mr. Gamau. His head can geleng2 loh!


I can see the cooking rabbit on the moon


Anonymous said...


Tiavita Herdiana said...

tengs loh gan udah repot2 nyusun tusuk sate


yunda said...

happy birthday ya vit :)

Anonymous said...

tinggal tunggu foto tadi malam ya sayang