Welcome to the mid-20s, young man

Today is June 27th, happy birthday Rifat Najmi!

Ha ha, you're old

The "birthday card" thingy
Media: reused cosmetic box, water color, acrylic, paper, duplex and ink

Peeping through the window / The front side

Peep more

A friendly alien

Multi-dimensional relationship?

Flying saucer, your dream ride

List of your favorite stuffs / The back side

UFO, me, birthday cake, alien, cat, scientific thingy, stars, painting tools, and environmental topic


Ar Rum Soerjo said...

wih kreatif aja kadonya vit..
selamat ultah juga buat bung ripat.

moi gros said...

hehe thanks rum

juul-ing said...

wahaha..telat...tapi gila..mantep...asli!!

Anonymous said...

haaa, how lovely. yg awet yaa, vit

Anonymous said...

i love you and your pretty, pretty mind. we're going to be best friends forever. or i'm going to hurt you ha ha