Save the air, save the water, save the soil, save you from screwing this earth

Little things I’ve done so far

1. Thrifty closet
I buy vintage or secondhand clothes (for the sake of trend cycle, whatever). It will also save your money, a lot

2. Air conditioner dilemma
We know that Jakarta is friggin hot like hell nowadays, so I keep up the not-so-fresh-air blowing on me from opening all the windows and doors in my room.
Helps your parents to decrease the electricity bill too, lol

3. Look after your charger
Always keep it unplugged after I finished

4. Take the bus
I can’t drive so I take the bus too reach my campus. But I always feel glad when my friends ask me to join their cars. Whatever you say, Metromini(s) are uncool, fags, not so urban, not trendy, fucked up. It’s an indie way to reach wherever you want :p

5. 5 minutes shower

6. Do it your damn self
I made some accessories from secondhand stuffs, tie-dyeing, etc. I’m not a handy person though, so now I’m learning and seeking for more stuff to be crafted. It feels good to wear something you make by yourself.

7. Buy handmade
Or if you’re too lazy to make stuff, just buy the handmade one.

8. Back-off you tees
Don’t waste you unwanted tees. Just flip them! Or if you want something special, grab some markers, painting kit or whatever, and then draw all over the area!
This idea came from Rifat Najmi

9. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)
At least, say no to plastic bags aka kantong kresek

10. Long live bottled water
Because I drink like a camel (I usually drink 3 Litres of water a day), I bring my very own bottle everyday. Hail mineral water… Mineral water over CocaCola.. Mineral water over avocado juice.. Mineral water over Teh Botol.. Mineral water over Bir Bintang

11. Watch An Inconvenient Truth

12. Read The Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook: 77 Essential Skills To Stop Climate Change

13. The list is still going

So, what are you doing to be a hero for our little earth?


Anonymous said...

i take 3 minute showers, how about that?

Anonymous said...

gw baru yang nyabut charger, haha

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

Shila Ghaisani said...

saya naik busway!

Anonymous said...

eug dong, ga mandi 3 hari!

very said...
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adinda putri said...

hei ... gue dinda,, anak parmad juga.. skrg gw lagi magang d spice! dan gue tertarik sama tulisan lo yg ini, krna pas sama tema hemat untuk edisi oktober nanti, bole gue masukin g k majalah? skalian gue minta foto lo jugaa.. kl gue pngn ngehub lo gmn yah??hehhe
atau g lo email gue aja di adindakeciil@yahoo.com atau magang@spice.co.id

makasi yah sayang.. ditunggu yaaah..