Love is in the Air (again and again)

5th of May 2009 was my first anniversary with my boyfriend. So I decided to make "gifts" for him.

The material I needed are brown used papers, a deck of card, and lots of love for sure (tee-hee)

50 things I love about Rifat

kissu kissu

Fuck my pain away

On his birthday, last year

Friggin fave topic! Hail aliens

Thank God


Selamat satu tahun cahaya


Hope it leads to another good things

Gotta show your love to your lovers, dude!


innezo said...

keren brokkk!
and im going to show my looovvee to eliaaa hueuehe bntr lg doi ulgtaun!

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg omg co cwittt

.:nyala said...

rrrrrrrrrr yg kartu suka bgt!

Cuckoo said...

bagus banget vit!
bikinnya pake hati sih ya

dinda said...

saweeeet <3

Debra Raymond said...

awww so sweet, vita! :-3

Kimo Allegra said...

wow! ahh poor me, i don't have a boyfriend :( hihi

moi gros said...

hihihi thanks guys for the nice response :)

Tiaz T said...

loev loev love

Shila Ghaisani said...

so sweet

Claudia Anjani said...

awwww so sweeeeeet

Alanda said...

OMGGG i love it. the cards... geez

Vio said...

love it~