Some velvet dreams

This is a little bit story about someone's past. Kinda sad situation that she had to face

"we used to be very happy ..
although we cant sit on one sofa together most of the time. or having lunch at the campus' cafetaria together"

"you started to tell me your dream.
about buying a ranch house, and you really wanted to have a red-painted barn.
when the night come you spent your time playing monopoli with you wife, and then suddenly a ufo appeared!
o yeah, and a potato field in front of your ranch house"

"or maybe if it's not going to be a ranch house, probably I would choose a house like that"

"but your time to leave had come. it was so hard for me to waving goodbye and being far far away from you;

**several weeks later**

"I always waited for your call. but you never called.
I always said goodnight, but you were still quiet."

"then everything was turn into nightmare. holly nightmare.
I didn't receive anything good from you, again
so probably a payback would be very lovely"

ps: no hard feeling mr. scarbelly! hehe


Anonymous said...

aduh vviittaaa,
kamu lagi sedih ditinggal siapaaa?

greyscale & monotone said...

should i tell? should i? should i? (ngeselin)

Anonymous said...

ahhh tell dong, tell! hihihihi